About us

We are a company offering modern, proven and always high quality materials and equipment for research in medical and scientific laboratories. We care about high standard of customer service - we want them to be satisfied with the professionalism of our service and with the quality of the delivered products.
We offer products first of all: antibodies, monoclonal antibodies, Recombinant Ligands, ELISA kits, blocking peptides, proteins, receptors and many others.

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Our strong points

We do many things well, but we are most proud of our strengths.

Wide range

Wide range of products for scientific and laboratory research.

Attractive prices

We offer supplies at the most attractive prices on the market.

Modern supplies

We constantly update our offer with the latest products.

Great support

Our professional staff are constantly at the disposal of our customers.

Easy order process

We support our customers by making the ordering process as easy as possible.

Intuitive catalogue

I presents the most important information about the offered products.